PIG Search

Politically Incorrect Google (PIG) Search

Have you tried to search for an interesting topic like “Michael Brown” just to be swamped with politically correct misleading articles? Your plight is over. Politically incorrect Google search skips lying MSM (main stream media) and give you the juicy search-results from alternative media.

PIG Search Box 1


Search for your home town to see “minority” crime and other issues the main stream media don’t tell you. Look for contentious topics like “race and IQ”, “black crime”, “Trayvon Martin”,

Please actually TRY searches to convince yourself of the interesting results

PIG Search Box 2



PIG search results for Black Lives Matter

pig (politically incorrect google) search results

^^Above the politically incorrect google search, ^^
below the normal google search results


Normal Google Search (not pig, not politically incorrect search)