COMPLETE TRUTHFULNESS: a new religion! #1 OMISSION, GAG ORDERS: the mortal sins!

COMPLETE TRUTHFULNESS must be the non-negotiable, dogmatic rule
(in public life, in journalism, politics, social sciences)

Synonyms: complete honesty /full disclosure / whole truth /complete truthfulness / full report / complete, utmost sincerity

  • Sincerity, full disclosure of the whole truth, uncompromising scientific honesty must be the only dogma. Journalistic and scientific whistle-blowers must be rewarded and protected, not hounded by PC police, by dishonest scientists, and “anti-racist” government.
  • Dishonesty, distortions, omissions, untruths,taboo topics, illogic must be mercilessly exposed. Repeat offenders, who mislead more than once, must be exposed, shunned, removed from civilized Discourse.

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COMPLETE TRUTHFULNESS must replace mandatory Politically Correct omissions (PC gag orders))!

Forbidden to mention negative facts about “minorities”, to avoid stirring up prejudices[12] [13]



Complete (scientific) honesty, complete truthfulness requires revealing of all relevant facts, a full report of:

Synonyms: complete honesty /full disclosure / whole truth /complete truthfulness / full report / complete, utmost sincerity

Complete truthfulness requires full disclosure of the whole truth, revealing of all relevant facts!

SINCERITY: absolute, total, complete, utmost SINCERITY

The truth can only be served, here as elsewhere, by absolute and total sincerity. By absolute sincerity, I mean without any tinge of subtlety, hidden agendas, or timidity; by total sincerity, I mean honoring the full extent of the truth, according to all its aspects, and thus arriving—not by some artificial addition of “prudence” but by facing facts—at a respect for all that needs to be respected [Church]

With religious zeal we must expose and oppose dishonesty!

With religious intolerance we must expose and oppose lies and omissions. Omission- with intent to mislead- is a LIE!  Failure to disclose relevant facts is deceptive “misrepresentation”. Half-truths violate the fundamental principles of science, democracy, the law , and the the Bible.

Leftist theories of egalitarianism, diversity[27], quotas, social justice, became unfalsifiable due to censorship and gag orders.


The mandatory cover-up of “minority” crimes (and “minority” flaws) is the original sin!

Ethnicity and religion of (“minority”) criminals must be omitted, as per explicit mandate by media “ethics” codes:  in GermanySpain, Russia, Serbia, Finland, Hungary, Belarus, Pakistan, and North America’s NYT, AP, Reuters, NABJ, SPJ, Globe. The AP Stylebook even requires Media to remove true facts about ethnicity of a criminal, as soon as the suspect gets apprehended.

Some “ethics” codes feign color-blindness. But it is clear that NYT, AP and other Stylebooks’ colorblindness are dishonest, because “White Kills Black” is Fit to Print.

These gag orders are a mandates for wholesale deception, for decades of lies, to perpetually cover up every single instance of “minority” crime. Ensuing multi-level coverup further compounds repression of factually true #HateFacts. Even taboo-breakers who expose high black criminality rarely mention that the Black crime is much worse than statistics indicate.

Even far right US president Richard M Nixon was adamant that the public must not know about black IQ.

There is universal agreement on the conspiracy to cover-up. Instead, we want universal agreement to honesty: No cover-up, no deception, nothing hidden.

Politically correct gag orders are the root cause of most evils that befell Western societies.

“Pakistani Muslims raped thousands of white underage girls in Rotherham ([Telford][Manchester][Sweden][Finland] [Cologne New Year])”! This #HateFact was repressed for 15 years, in obedience to police gag orders and media gag orders . Mass child rape was the price to pay, in order to avoid “prejudice”. Prejudice often is correct. (Stereotype accuracy).

It profoundly hurts our moral feelings: Human suffering caused and exacerbated by mandatory lies and coverup of “minority” child rape. But our religious principle of truthfulness is absolute, we have no dogmatic belief to defend, we go where the truth leads us.

Other disasters caused by PC cover-ups and subsequent false (egalitarian[23]) world view were the Ferguson effect, white flight, busing, suburban sprawl, affirmative housing loans and subprime loan debacle, the downfall of Detroit, Birmingham, Malmö, Zimbabwe and South Africa[38, 39]. It is not allowed to discuss these topics freely without muzzle. Our opinion might even be wrong;  even if you prove us wrong, we are unwavering in our commitment to #TrueSpeech and free speech in general.

Conspiracies-to-tell-the-truth would change the world

  • If 1000 German police, in one day, would break their silence and tell the whole truth about refugee crime; if they told how their superiors conspire to keep the population in the dark,  election outcome would change drastically[1].
  • If 5000 police, FBI, prison guards, statisticians in the USA told the truth about black crime[37, 42], falsehoods like BLM[44], CRT would cease
  • If 2000 teachers in US, Britain, Germany told about minority” school bullying[2], violence, policies[3] would change.
  • It is inconceivable, unacceptable, immoral that police, teachers, scientists are mandated to lie to the electorate who pays their salaries, and who empowers politicians.
  • WE must not tolerate medieval anti-science. Postmodernism: Denial of Objective Reality and of Facts is Dishonest and must be exposed by the scrutiny of the scientific method.
  • Mandatory dishonesty did brainwash and mislead the citizens. Ensuing false world views caused disastrously wrong decisions. Mandatory honesty can de-program them, bring them back to a realistic view of the world, and repair some of the damages.

Follow your conscience, refuse to participate in lies and omission, tell the truth, incite others to tell the truth!

Disobey gag orders, tell the whole truth and change the world!

#TrueSpeech prohibitions make CRT (Critical race theory), quotas, and “Diversity is Strength” unfalsifiable.

Lies and gag orders destroy the world. Unvarnished Truth can stop and reverse the damage.

The world would change, if major groups conspired to tell the truth, if they braved taboos and gag orders and refused to lie. This is why media clamp down on “hate speech”, aka #HateFacts or #TrueSpeech

We cannot have medicine that denies the germ theory of disease[12], we cannot build earth navigation on flat-earth-theory[15], and we cannot build social sciences and social policies on cover-.up of crime reports and denial of individual and group differences.

Logical, quantitative theory

We can measure media dishonesty and population brainwashing This chapter  

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  1. ABSOLUTE HONESTY: a new religion! #1 OMISSION, GAG ORDERS: the mortal sins! 1!
  2. Why is UTTER HONESTY a revolutionary concept? (SCIENTIFIC HONESTY-dogma! #2) 2?
  3. ABSOLUTE HONESTY: the new morality! #3 MEDIA GAG ORDERS are immoral sins!3

Synonyms: absolute honesty /full disclosure / whole truth /complete truthfulness / full report / complete, utmost sincerity

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