PC brainwashing HAS changed human brains, John Derbyshire!

Perhaps our brains really have changed. Perhaps something in modern food additives is doing to us what the ergot fungus on moldy bread did to medieval peasants. I really think someone should look into this. [John Derbyshire]

Chemical additives (“Hardware”) are not needed to explain modern irrational hysterias . Software,  i.e. constant incorrect information, incorrect logic, has instilled incorrect worldviews, and thus warped the human brain.  It is possible1 that such informational brainwashing changes brain structure through Neuroplasticity2.

REPORTS ON CRIMES When reporting crimes, it is not permissible to refer to the suspect‘s religious, ethnic or other minority membership […] such references could stir up prejudices against minorities. [GUIDELINE 12.1. by the German Press Council],

People in the West are brainwashed. They live in an unreal fantasy world, full of politically correct but false beliefs. Their world view is factually incorrect.

Even the dissident right is unaware about the pervasiveness and depth of institutionalized lying and brainwashing in today’s modern society. See

Incorrect information, logic, world view,
incorrect forever, about everything, about censorship

  1. Incorrect information:
    Western brains were warped by 70 years of incessant media lies (lies of omission of factually true #HateFacts and deceptive cherry-picking). “Anti-racist” directives for media to lie exist, in writing, in North America’s NYT, AP, Reuters, NABJ, SPJ, Globe, and in in Germany, Spain, Russia, Serbia, Finland, Hungary, Belarus, Pakistan.  MSM, and educational institutions brainwashed the entire population with a stream of biased misinformation
  2. Incorrect Logic:
    Postmodernism: Denial of Objective Reality has warped people’s thinking, replaced logic and scientific method with “feelings” and “hurt”.
    Postmodernism has spawned entire anti-science illogical University departments.   They&& have been vaccinated against facts (#FactsAreRacist5) and truth (#TheTruthIsRacist) &&Ignorance vs. dishonesty: hard to discern – Social acceptance of
  3. Incorrect world view
    People in the West are brainwashed. They live in an unreal fantasy world, full of politically correct but false beliefs.
  4. Unreal world view can be quantified: PCbrainwashing index:
    % factually false beliefs held by a person

  5. Incorrect Forever:
    1. The false belief system is recursively self perpetuating, and can never be falsified.
    2. Due to PC speech taboos, “Diversity is strength”, and affirmative action cannot even be criticized.
    3. Even activist People are not aware of the repressive system (Colin, Brimelow, Derbyshire…) and don’t seek to dethrone repressive regulations that demand media censorship in North America’s NYT, AP, Reuters, NABJ, SPJ, Globe and in Germany, Spain, Russia, Serbia, Finland, Hungary, Belarus, Pakistan,
  6. Incorrect everything:
    From one false belief all other PC nonsense can be deduced:
  1. Everything false can be derived from one false premise (f ⇒ f)! One false belief corrupts the entire logical system6
  2. Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing [O’Sullivan] [Robert Conquest]
  3. We know that media are wrong in our field of expertise; yet on other topics we trust them [Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect] 
  4. Multi-Level coverup – Compounded repression: Snitches get stitches, witness intimidation, Blacks don’t report crime (shot spotter, racial solidarity), Bronx Juries are the reason why   Black/minority crime much worse than statistics  indicate
  5. Shameless postmodernist lying utterly corrupted Social Sciences7*8*9. Postmodernist dogmatism in social sciences and politics causes mayhem10 and death11, even for the “disadvantaged minorities” which BLM12 purports to help.
  6. The reason for such disastrous failure: PC Marxism it is based on objectively false anti-scientific world view. The false world view is perpetuated by gag orders, taboo of #RacistFacts, and factually wrong dogma13.

  • 6) Incorrect belief about censorship:
    Activists like Dan Bongino, Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro, Larry Elder, Dinesh D’Souza bemoan and debunk thousands of MSM lies. Surprisingly, they seem unaware of the repressive system! They don’t seek to dethrone repressive regulations that demand media censorship in North America’s NYT, AP, Reuters, NABJ, SPJ, Globe and in Germany, Spain, Russia, Serbia, Finland, Hungary, Belarus, Pakistan.

Nor do they focus on dishonesty as singular root cause, as described in 4Honesty.com, Sincerity.net, TruthRevolution.net

Excerpts and quotes

Radio Derb Transcript – John Derbyshire

Biden’s people, and congressional Democrats, and the blue-state liberals who support and elect them, are not working methodically through some open-borders master plan. They just think that enforcing immigration law would be wrong. Quote from Mark:

Immigration enforcement is immoral, don’t you see?

End quote.

A question I ponder a lot is: Is there something new here? The structure of the human brain can’t have changed much in just a few decades. It has always contained that reasoning module, and it has always contained the moral/religious module. Moral hysterias are not a new thing in human history — think of the Wars of Religion four hundred years ago. And Samuel Johnson’s observation about Reason — the one I started from — was made 273 years ago.

Yet it does seem to me, looking back across my own few decades of political awareness, it does seem that in the Western world the portion of national politics driven by careful, reasoned cost-benefit analysis has shrunk relative to the portion driven by moralistic frenzy — by the conviction that citizens who think like this and citizens who think like that are locked in an apocalyptic war of Good against Evil.

Perhaps our brains really have changed. Perhaps something in modern food additives is doing to us what the ergot fungus on moldy bread did to medieval peasants. I really think someone should look into this.


Closing quote from Mark:

It would almost be better if the administration and its supporters were purely cynical political actors, deliberately importing voters. The real explanation is deeper, more disturbing, and less amenable to a political solution.

End quote.

I think Mark is on to something. I wouldn’t altogether rule out Great Replacement Theory as a factor in some quarters of the ruling class: more on that in the next segment. But yes: most of what’s driving open borders is sheer unreasoned moral enthusiasm. [continue at Radio Derb]

Radio Derb

I’d like to believe that well-credentialed researchers in appropriate fields — microbiology, organic chemistry, neuroscience, and so on — are studying the relationship between the modern First World diet and the weird, irrational hysterias that sweep through our societies from time to time — phenomena like the 2020 George Floyd frenzy or the fast-rising popularity of gender reassignment by chemical or surgical means.

I’d like to believe that, but I doubt such research is actually taking place. When great numbers of us are swept up in these hysterias, to the degree that all respectable organs of education and opinion say that reality is like this and that those who stubbornly persist in believing it’s like that are evil people driven by hatred who should be fired from their jobs, shut out from social media, and have their bank accounts closed … When the psychiatric plague has taken over to that degree, those well-credentialed researchers are dancing themselves to exhaustion with the rest, or barking like dogs with the rest, or joining in the witch-hunts with the rest.

Still I wonder. What ergot did to those medieval villagers, perhaps some other agent is doing to us, but on a much wider scale. History shows that we live on the edge of madness, and that sometimes entire societies dive right in. [from Radio Derb]

Can Thoughts and Action Change Our Brains?[NPR]

or years, scientists believed the brain’s structure couldn’t be changed. The new science of neuroplasticity says that’s not the case, and argue the brain is much more flexible than previously thought[…]

And it was the structure and function of your brain that affected how you think and feel and not the other way around.

Well, all that’s beginning to change. In the last few decades, scientists have shown that you actually can re-grow brain cells and you can change the structure and function of your brain by the way you think. This new science is called neuroplasticity, and it caught the attention of the Dalai Lama. Using your mind to change your brain it turns out fits in perfectly with the teachings of Buddhism, and a few years ago the Dalai Lama called some of the world’s top neuroscientists to come and give him a sort of private schooling on the brain. And that meeting was captured in writing by my next guest, as she joins us now to talk about. Sharon Begley is science columnist for The Wall Street Journal. She’s also the author of this new book “Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain: How a New Science Reveals Our Extraordinary Potential to Transform Ourselves,” and she joins us here in our New York Bureau. Welcome back. Good to see you.


  1. The exact brain mechanism is of great academic interest, but not our emphasis. We focus on the profound impact of incessant institutionalized misinformation.  We stress that FULL DISCLOSURE, WHOLE TRUTH, TOTAL HONESTY, SHAMING OF LIARS are the antidotes to PC brainwashing.
  2. Can Thoughts and Action Change Our Brains?[NPR];
  3. The very specific gag orders of media codes are unopposed; thus lead down a slippery slope to expand and generalize.[Ever expanding media codes lead to hate speech laws, silence everyone about all racial issues]

  4. or Hollywood movie, or school class
  5. Facts are sexist, islamophobic, racist, &&& Muslim rapists, women’s underperformance in athletics, etc
  6. Everything false can be derived from one false premise (f ⇒ f).  We cannot allow anything false to slip into our logical system, or else it corrupts the entire logical system. From one lie all other PC nonsense follows.
  7. Psychology findings all wrong: Dogmatical ignorance of genetics is the main reason, followed by finagling results until they conform to PC beliefs
  8. Science Fraud (DV) by PC: Female domestic violence is rampant, violates the feminist politically correct narrative. This leading academic researcher describes all the tricks how this fraud is committed.
  9. Nurture Assumption Judith Rich Harris The Nurture Assumption by Judith Rich Harris devastatingly shows: All of social science research is wrong, because they tacitly that only nurture counts, there is no genetic inborn hereditary behavior component
  10. Racism Saves Lives, Freedom of Speech, Banks, the World Economy
  11. Racism Saves Lives#RacismIsLove #4Racism Racism is Love
  12. Black Lives Matter to Racists Anti-Racist policies increases Black death toll, because they are based on false PC quack science. Tried and proven police tactics like “stop and frisk” are outlawed as racist.

  13. Racism taboo ⇔ PC gag order [⇔ PresseKodex12.1 ⇔ Stylebook ethics] (are all equivalent)

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