Multi-Level coverup – Compounded repression

  1. minority crime gets covered up by 1) victims and witnesses, 2) police, 3) media Victims of minority criminals under-report,
  2. police hesitate to investigate and to report minority criminals to media,
  3. media downplay, ignore, hide minority crime.
  4. Knowledge of police and media coverup makes victims even more reticent to report minority crime

Information about minority crime is repressed through consecutive “filters” of cover-ups, of the style #PresseKodex12.1. These consecutive truth-repressing cover-ups compound to greatly reduce the apparent frequency of minority crime.

This is just like light passes through consecutive tinted windows and sun glasses. It  gets darker and darker, as shown in the graphic

Say nothing negative about “minorities”, to avoid stirring up prejudice.

Speak no disparaging facts or opinions about minorities. Intentionally faked studies based on censored media input1 (!!must see footnote!) give the desired manipulative narrative-conforming result. When debunked such studies still are cited over and over, DISHONESTLY. Our principled requirement of FULL DISCLOSURE helps debunking, over all levels.


Black/minority crime much worse than statistics  indicate:

Snitches get stitches, witness intimidation, Blacks don’t report crime (shot spotter, racial solidarity), Bronx Juries. Read it in detail at  Black/minority crime much worse than statistics  indicate


0) Let us imagine 128 instances of “minority” crime,  (robbery, sexual assault) get repressed on 3 levels, consecutively, by the gag rule: “Say nothing negative about minority crime” or PresseKodex12.1

1) Under-reporting of minority crime (Filter 1). Let us  assume, 32 of the crime victims report to police, that is 12.5% or 1/8. Victims of minority crime, especially in high crime neighborhoods, tend not report crimes 2, as opposed to victims of non-minority crime and crime in low crime neighborhood. This reduces minority crime statistics.
Reasons for victims, bystanders, and witnesses not to report are

  • reporting is dangerous: “snitches get stitches”: victims, as well as
    witnesses will be endangered and intimidated. Witnesses pretend they saw nothing
  • Blacks protect the race, even rape victims should not deliver fellow Blacks to police and justice systems.
  • reporting is useless: perpetrators will not be caught, much less convicted,
  • reporting is waste of time

2) Police cover-up of minority crime (Filter 2). Let us assume 8 of these crimes get passed on to the media. That is 1/4 of what was reported, 1/32th of total 128 crimes

  • 2a)  Police themselves view  a very distorted case load, vastly reduced by victims’ non-reporting.  Police already have a reduced number of “minority” crime reports, and are under explicit orders to reduce minority crime reports. Police create difficulties for reports of minority crime.  Police discourage victims from reporting. Some police are under explicit orders to hide and shelve such reports. Police find excuses to keep crime reports hidden. See also Eric Holder’s order to decrease punishment and police referrals of Blacks
  • b) police don’t pursue some minority crime  out of fear of reprisals, violent backlash, riots, groups trying to liberate arrestees
    or fear to be called racist, if they stop, frisk, or arrest more “minorities” than old white ladies
    German police are under explicit orders to reduce and ignore refugee and non-German crime. In many cases, only under threats of media reports, police agreed to write a crime report. Even then, they tend to not pursue it.
  • 2c) police don’t pursue some minority crime  out of fear of reprisals3,  of riots, for fear of being called racist or Islamophobic
  • 2d) there are further statistical tricks, such as counting only apprehended or, worse, only convicted foreigners,  or putting them in a category “unknown nationality” because it is unclear if they are Syrians, Iraqis, or Lebanese.

3) media cover-up of minority crime (Filter 3), pass 2 of the 8 crimes to local media, 0 (zero)  crimes to national media, in obedience of PresseKodex12.1 and equivalents:

media receive police reports, “minority” crimes greatly reduced and covered up.

Let us assume 1/4 (25%) of these crimes get passed on to the media, with correct information about race, religion and race of the perpetrator: 8 cases

only then media apply PresseKodex12.1 to further reduce the information about Black or refugee crime. Cases do not get reported, Black or Muslim gangs are, race neutrally, called “Juveniles” or “Teens”. Symbolic photos show white hands in handcuffs while reporting about a black criminal. lll

Let us assume media manage to withhold race information in 6 out of those 8 cases. The remaining 2 cases with the correct race information will get reported in the local media but withheld from the national media, because a rape murder of an adolescent is only of “local interest”4


Mass rape cover-up

Thus the rape of 1400 girls during a 15 year period in English Rotherham5 was enabled and hidden from public view, the Cologne New Years’ mass sexual assaults were hidden for a while, Swedish ferry rapes, festival rapes, and massive gang rapes were successfully kept from the public eye.




    The study was garbage. It’s data is based off of news stories that named the race of the perpetrator. Most news stories don’t name the race and the study even acknowledged its shortcomings. The study is used to push a narrative. It has no scientific value.

    Dirty secret of black-on-Asian violence is out

    1. Using ShotSpotter, the New York Times reports that neighbors called police only 10 percent of the time guns were fired in a high-crime area of San Francisco. In Oakland, 22 percent of gunshots prompted 9-1-1 calls.

  2. Tampa Police crime scene tech now admits “fear of Muslim reprisal
    MS-13 Plans To Target Off-Duty Police Officers’ Homes
    It’s So Dangerous to Police MS-13 in El Salvador That Officers Are …
  3. (see Ladenberger)

    Tagesschau rechtfertigt Verschweigen von Asylantengewalt mit …  ARD Tagesschau … So ist es geschehen bei den Morden an Maria Ladenburger in Freiburg, an Mia Valentin in Kandel und auch bei dem …

  4. It was found that 1,400 non-Muslim girls were groomed, raped, trafficked, and drugged in the town between 1997 and 2013 while those in authority failed to act. Rotherham Child Rape Scandal: 100 Investigations into Police, ‘Potential Misconduct’. Similar Pakistani Muslim crime sprees were uncovered in Telford, and estimates range up to a million victims in England.

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