Two minor lies add up, become a HUGE LIE. 2+1 = 10

Multi-level, compounding lies

#1 Step One: borderline correct, but blatantly misleading statement. (2/10 on lie scale)
Hunter Biden Laptop has ‘all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.’1

#2 Step Two: slightly misquote it, an innocent simplification and omission (1/10 on a lie scale)
Laptop ‘all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.

#3 Three: Result is a total lie, a totally false statement (10/10 on lie scale)
Laptop ‘ is a Russian information operation, as confirmed by 51 top intelligence officials.


Step 1

The 50 secret service specialists said the Hunter Biden laptop stories “has all the hallmarks of a Russian disinformation campaign”2. Later they admitted that that their hedging “has all the hallmarks of” means they were not lying. They did not say “it IS Russian disinformation”.  Deceptively, intentionally, manipulatively, they set up a weasel sentence, with the intent to mislead3.

Step 2

The media, and then Vice President Biden, in person4, cited that report WITHOUT THE HEDGING, as a statement of fact. That was a misrepresentation of the 50-specialist-statement,  but can be claimed as a misunderstanding or simplification.

Step 3

Two minor deceptions add up to a HUGE LIE, likely enough to tilt the election5

In each of the steps we can … quantify Deception:

check both the “obfuscation index” of a single newscast, and resulting long term “brainwashing index” can be measured.

In Step #1, most will NOT  parse “has all the hallmarks of” as highly relevant deception.

There are many similar examples to be found (&&&&CITE



  1. Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of… – POLITICO : More than 50 former senior intelligence officials have signed on to a letter outlining their belief that the recent disclosure of emails allegedly belonging to Joe Biden’s son “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

    Ex-Intel Official Who Signed Hunter Laptop… | ZeroHedge: A former deputy director for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) admitted that he knew a “significant portion” of Hunter Biden‘s laptop “had to be real,” but signed an October 2020 letter attacking the NY Post ‘s bombshell report anyway, the Post reports.

  2. (Of course, they were very deceptive, they didn’t even have support for that statement.)

  3. Hunter Biden’s Laptops Are Now An Active National Security Threat

    Presumed future House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said that he will subpoena the 51 intelligence officials who signaled the Hunter laptop story was fake

    In 2020, weeks before the election that pitted current President Joe Biden against Donald Trump, 51 former intelligence officials signaled to the public that material from Hunter Biden’s laptop published in the New York Post had ‘all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.’

    The information on the laptop, which was not seen or reviewed by any of the intel officers prior to the signing of the letter, was not Russian disinformation and has since been vetted by most of the nation’s top outlets.

    That, however, didn’t stop the officials from signing a letter that said the ”laptop op’ fits the bill, as the publication of the emails are [sic] clearly designed to discredit Biden … It is high time that Russia stops interfering in our democracy.’

    Signees to the letter included former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

  4. CIA Should Take “Immediate Legal Action” Against… | ZeroHedge

    Hunter‘s laptop of course contained evidence of extensive international business dealings
    Some polls show that up to 17% of people who voted for President Biden would not have if they

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