Type ANTIFA.com, get JOEBIDEN.com

Antifa.com is devoted to getting voters and donors to Joe Biden’s web site. No more recruiting Antifa members for riots. Transporting all Antifa.com visitors  promptly to JoeBiden.com is Antifa.com’s purpose, to peddle voters and donors for Joe Biden, Antifa’s choice for president.

JoeBiden.com gratefully accepts Antifa.com traffic [Meme]. He could easily block the traffic, if he wished.

Type Antifa.com
→ get JoeBiden.com


MP4 version of this meme1
FHD version of this meme2

JoeBiden.com gratefully accepts Antifa.com traffic

Here we show proof with a video, taken on October 10, 2020. The Left’s friendship with Antifa terrorist is so shameless, no one tries to hide it.

Joe Biden does NOT disavow Antifa traffic and promotion, nor denounce Antifa violence. Antifa loves Joe Biden so much they forward all website traffic to him. Joe Biden could refuse, Joe Biden could block the traffic. If the meme gets more popular, maybe he will block it some day in the future. But it is easier to request his friends at Antifa to stop forwarding traffic and make Joe look too friendly with Antifa arsonists.

As for this date (October 9, 2020) Joe Biden graciously received forwarding from antifa.com since at least August 12, 2020

Antifa sacrificed their rioter recruiting site from

We Are Antifa: Join Us & Take Action Antifa.com

seamlessly to


antifa.com on August 12, 2020


to a Joe Biden voter recruiting site.


  1. 1080p Full HD Antifa.com => JoeBiden.com mem. 540 p version in main text at start of post

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