Derek Chauvin systematically destroyed! For George Floyd’s heart attack death

Derek Chauvin, incorrectly called James Floyd’s “killer”, must be convicted and destroyed at all cost.  Tax authorities were already weaponized against Al Capone and Barack Hussein Obama’s enemies in the tea party.

Probably the state will force Derek Chauvin to plead guilty to manslaughter in exchange for dropping the tax charges.

It is totally unimaginable to acquit Derek Chauvin. The riots after an acquittal will make the month long world wide 2020 riots and the 1992 Los Angeles pale.

All that because of the media lies.  like the the Rodney King LA riot case.  To acquit Derek Chauvin, first the brainwashed public must be deprogrammed, told the entire truth, as it will surface in court. The media must repent, and correct their lies and deceptive omissions. The hidden precursor video must be shown, the official autopsy finding (no asphyxiation)  must told, over and over. This confession of lies will not happen, as truth telling has not happened in the Rodney King case.

In reality, the official autopsy clearly states there was no sign of asphyxiation. James Floyd died of a heart attack and heavy drug load.

Calling the (heart attack) death of George Floyd a “killing”, this fraudulently insinuates guilt and strongly violates the presumption of innocence

It violates the proper media ethics codes, where presumption of innocence is a fundamental pillar. Compare also Ahmoud Arbery1


Fool me twice, shame on me! – Oppose #GagOrders!!: Lies about Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown. The popular wisdom Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” implies: We may trust people, media, …… By standards of scientific honesty2, one such lie is enough for the media to lose public trust. Instead, wholesale lying is acceptable, even virtuous3.


Derek Chauvin and wife charged with multiple tax evasion counts


[…]  The couple was charged in Washington County, Minn., with six counts of filing false or fraudulent tax returns for the years spanning from 2014 through 2019. The Chauvins are also facing three counts of failing to file tax returns in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Derek and Kellie Chauvin, who lived and were employed in Minnesota, “failed to file income tax returns and pay state income taxes, underreported and underpaid taxes on income generated from various employments each year, and failed to pay proper sales tax on a vehicle purchased in Minnesota,” according to a Wednesday statement from the Office of the Washington County Attorney. […]

The criminal complaint against the Chauvins also alleges that they did not pay proper sales tax on a $100,000 BMW that was purchased in Minnesota in 2018, according to The Associated Press. They allegedly bought the car in the state but registered it in Florida. [continue at Derek Chauvin and wife charged with multiple tax evasion counts]

Only a vengeful search of all their tax history unearths possible failure to pay state sales taxes and other state tax issues. Like Manafort and other Trump friends, and former tea party people,  an intense, vengeful search finds personal failures in past behaviors.



Ann Coulter: We Don’t Believe The MSM On George Floyd, Because We KNOW They Lied About Rodney King

[…] It turns out, for example, Floyd didn’t die of asphyxiation. According to the Hennepin County medical examiner’s report cited in the criminal complaint charging Officer Derek Chauvin with murder, he died of a heart attack. The autopsy also found Floyd had fentanyl in his system, had recently used methamphetamine, had coronary artery disease and hypertensive heart disease. Two weeks ago, this would have been another COVID-19 death.

According to Nexis, these official autopsy findings have not been reported at all on MSNBC and only briefly—to be explained away—on CNN. (The family’s private autopsy concluding Floyd’s death was caused by strangulation has been widely reported.)

It could still be murder, but the “I can’t breathe” slogans aren’t quite accurate. Aw, they’ve already made their protest signs, and we’d have to re-do the chyrons—does it really matter?

There also hasn’t been loads of reporting on Floyd’s five years in prison for armed robbery. I know the guy has just died, and he seemed to have turned his life around, but the media isn’t holding a memorial service. They’re supposed to be reporting news. How about an interview with Floyd’s victims? Wouldn’t that be a newsy segment?

Again, according to Nexis, Floyd’s armed robbery conviction has been fleetingly mentioned only once on ABC News and once on Fox News.

The other reason some of us are waiting for all the facts can be summed up with two words: Rodney King.


  1. Age of Enlightenment for Social Sciences Requires Scientific Honesty

    This #PCGagOrder distorts our world view!! We need Scientific Honesty, Sincerity , the #WholeTruth, w/no omissions.


    Honesty: #1 necessity for a modern scientific society – “Forbidden to …

    This inversion of Wikipedia’s “Intellectual honesty” definition [22] is a perfect description of politically correct anti-racist science, research, journalism. The racism …

  2. It’s virtuous to lie, omit, deceive (about “minority” crime & flaws …

    Not even Christian fundamentalists assail deceit, lies, and omissions, no demands for sincerity and honesty. Political correctness is so virtuous, it is called virtue

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