”I can’t breathe” is NOT proof he can’t breathe! Videos!

George Floyd repeated “I can’t breathe”. Soon thereafter he died. Hence he was killed by police!!!? Everyone is sure that George Floyd always spoke the truth. We must never cast a doubt on habitual serial felon George Floyd.

“I can’t breathe” excuses! LOL

  • Dishonesty #1: flawed logic, omission of alternative explanations:
    It is unscientific, illogical and dishonest to affirm with certainty, that George really could not breathe, and asphyxiation caused Floyd’s death. This is just a possibility, a hypothesis.
  • Dishonesty #2: basic anatomical knowledge:
    it is known and very likely that someone who is being asphyxiated cannot speak and cannot say “I can’t breathe”
  • Dishonesty #3: failure to inform:
    a career criminal with years of prison experience might have learned to weaponize “I can’t breathe”. Thus s/he can intimidate police and continue resisting arrest. We see a few examples here.
  • We thank Tommy Robinson news on Telegram for the videos below, now also on VK.

The media’s egregious dishonesty, distortions, deceptions, and outright lies misinformed the public, like in the Rodney King case in 1992 1. The media stir up unjustified hate and anger. Thus the media’s fake news are the cause for riots, deaths, loss of job, loss of property value, destruction of businesses.

“I can’t breathe” LOL

  • Dishonesty #4: blindly propagating the “narrative”.
    Of course, asphyxiation fits the narrative of police violence and therefore this flawed logic is promoted.
  • Dishonesty #5: hiding, covering up relevant information:
    covering up autopsy evidence even after the autopsy clearly proved otherwise: he died of a heart attack, possible connected to high levels of recreational drugs.
  • Dishonesty #6: the term “independent autopsy” for the biased, lawyer informed, financial reward seeking family autopsy. This is extremely misleading, and together with hiding the government autopsy constitutes clear fraud!!
  • Dishonesty #7: (not asking the obvious): It is totally unclear if policeman Derek Chauvin put any weight upon the neck and breating aparatus. Close-ups and zooming in, and expert witnesses could clarify this. But it could absolve the police from their guilt.

“I can’t breathe”. What a joke!

  • Dishonesty #8:
    Claiming that “George Floyd was murdered”, “George Floyd was killed”

    • violates the presumption of innocence. George Floyd died, likely of a heart attack and drug overdose. In spite of autopsy results to the contrary, some people still claim he was allegedly killed by policeman Derek Chauvin.



  1. and Trayvon Martin/ George Zimmerman, Michael Brown/Darren Wilson

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