Election safety engineering: Like a nuclear plant, elections must be PROVEN SAFE, be FAIL SAFE #StopTheSteal

An election is NOT innocent-until-proven-guilty. An election is corrupted and invalid until proven safe. An election must not even be potentially fraudulent. The burden of proof must be inverted.

  • If party observers are absent, counting must stop (fail safety)
  • If observers cannot clearly see signature verification, counting must stop
  • A nuclear power plant, it gets shut down if anything suspicious is happening.

Like a nuclear power plant, or an airplane, vote counts must be proven safe, and fail safe with multiple concurrent safety measures.

An election must be PROVEN to be inviolate, safe against any fraud. It should not required to prove actual voter fraud. Any potential loop hole invalidates the the election.

We must not have an election, where cheating is possible and unverifiable.

Such an unsafe system only works where

  1. the entire population, vote counters, voting machine programmers, supervisors are totally honest and
  2. any fraud would beratted out mercilessly punished.

“There was no fraud” or even “There was no large scale fraud” cannot be proven. There was possibility for massive fraud. The rules were not fail safe.

Republican poll watchers harrassed and removed

Election safety engineering: Elections must be PROVEN SAFE, and be FAIL SAFE

Like in engineering, an election must be fail safe. It must have multiple safety valves.

One single flaw must not defeat the safety measures.

We do not wait until a nuclear power plant blows up,

We do not wait until an airplane falls out of the sky.

We demand advance proof of safety.

We simulate catastrophes like earth quakes and explosions. The radioactivity still must be safely contained.

Fail-safe elections

  • If observers cannot clearly see the signature verification, verification and envelope opening has to stop
  • Any objection by a vote counter needs to stop the count. Until documented and overridden by 4 officials.
  • Like theft in a store, all allegations of voter theft must be immediate subject of police inquiry. Immediately
  • If one vote counter makes 2-3 mistakes with same bias, s/he has to be removed and be subject of an inquiry.
  • Like an erring nuclear power plant operator, airline controller, or airline pilot/
  • Vote counters should be under oath, under penalty similar to perjury
  • Illegal instructions by voting officials should automatically be prosecuted as felonies
  • The entire process should be videotaped. If there is lack of cameras then by the person’s own cell phone,
  • Voting machines must be open source with digital signatures, so they can be verified and guaranteed. Mere testing of closed source code is not a proof of software safety!

Necessary to PROVE ELECTION SAFETY, that votes CANNOT be stolen (Inversion of burden of proof) #StopTheSteal

Similarly, the voting and calculating software and hardware must be totally transparent

Mathematical proofs are too difficult and hard to verify

Therefore only open source software can be used. With a signature that does not allow any changes.

A Summary of the Texas Election Lawsuit

A complete roundup of the facts involved in the most important lawsuit in American history.
via American Thinker https://ift.tt/2EFKxBq
December 10, 2020 at 01:00AM



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