Open Letter to Colin Flaherty: Denial, Deceit, and Delusion.

Dear Colin Flaherty,

I admire your fearless commitment to truth telling. 

Telling Truths about “minority crime” is a violation of journalists’ ethics codes. These official gag orders have remained unopposed1 for half a century. As professional journalist you certainly know that denial, deceit, and delusion about “minority” crime are mandatory, according to style codes.

REPORTS ON CRIMES When reporting crimes, it is not permissible to refer to the suspect‘s religious, ethnic or other minority membership […] such references could stir up prejudices against minorities. [GUIDELINE 12.1. by the German Press Council],

  50 years of officially legitimized lies and cover-up have led to today’s situation.  Everyone considers it legit to mandate that media, military, police, social scientists, statisticians lie, to avoid “racism” and “prejudice” against minorities.

It is not permissible to tell the whole truth. Journalists, police, teachers, every citizen, all are REQUIRED TO LIE: because the WHOLE TRUTH “stirs up prejudices2 against “minorities”.  For over half a century, we have eagerly embraced this gag order. “Black kills White” must not be uttered.

The AP Stylebook even requires Media to remove true facts about ethnicity of a criminal, as soon as the suspect gets apprehended.3

You are concerned about denial, deceit, and delusion about the ridiculous level of Black crime 4, the greatest lie of our generation.[22, 23]


You don’t mention, nor attack the root cause!

Forbidden to mention negative facts about “minorities”, to avoid stirring up prejudices[12] [13]

Denial, deceit, and delusion about minority crime has been mandatory for over 60 years, written into official media codes. The NYT  decided to not mention the race of perpetrators, even made it mandatory to remove the race from existing reports, once the perpetrator was apprehended. We know, of course, that the New York Times’ color blindness is dishonest:  “White kills Black” is fit to print. For this reason, I like to cite the more honest German PresseKodex 12.1, obeyed by NYT and other media, police, teachers, world wide5.

German PresseKodex12.1 was enacted to cover up the ridiculous levels of crime, totally out of proportion,  perpetrated by black US servicemen in 1970ies Germany. 6

Over 50 years of universally accepted gag orders

Media code gag orders are accepted by wide bipartisan consensus. Restrictions to #TrueSpeech are not subject to opposition. Even right winger Richard Nixon wanted to repress the truth about lower Black IQ.  The entire Western world has been subjected to half a century of restriction to #TrueSpeech and information blackout.

This anti-racist taboo

PresseKodex12.1 has far reaching implications. Its pernicious impact keeps growing and causing more widespread censorship. In the USA, and world wide, media, government, police, teachers diligently obey generalized and extended versions of this “racism taboo”.


Truth is the new Hate Speech:

  1. Truth no defense in racism trials
    The [Swedish] Court notes that the question of whether or not Michael Hess’s pronouncement is true, has no bearing on the case.
  1. The Truth is Racist, races are different
    Anti-Racist theory is factually wrong, science debunked its tenets beyond reasonable doubt. Crime Statistics are racist because they show very high black criminality. IQ test unequivocally show Race differences. This is in stark violation of the Equality dogma (all races are equal)[/note]. Dishonesty is a Method to Fight Racism 1

The biggest lie of our times, the lie of Black victimhood.

  1. Everyone must conceal any negative “minority” performance, to avoid stirring up prejudices.
  2. Taboo to Discuss Taboo about Race-and-IQ-Research
  3. Postmodernism: Denial of Facts and of Objective Reality is Insincere
  4. Conspire to Tell the Truth, Defy Gag Orders
  5. Votes rigged brazenly, by omitting facts that can be EXPLOITED by the “Right”

Sensational Violence, Human Dignity, Young Persons: True Speech Not Permissible

There are further restrictions of TRUE SPEECH, meticulously outlined in the German PresseKodex:  “The Press will refrain from inappropriately sensational portrayal of violence, brutality and suffering”  [German PresseKodex #11]; “preservation of human dignity”  [German …Read More

It’s forbidden to divulge true facts like: “Pakistani Muslims raped white children”! Such  #TrueSpeech about minority crime is forbidden. This anti-racist taboo resulted in 15 years of sexual slavery, gang rapes, torture, murder, and forced prostitution, for 1400 mostly white underage girls in Rotherham 8*9 *10 *11 alone 12.

REPORTS ON CRIMES When reporting crimes, it is not permissible to refer to the suspect‘s religious, ethnic or other minority membership […] such references could stir up prejudices against minorities. [GUIDELINE 12.1. by the German Press Council]

To prevent rape, murder 13,  a #TruthRevolution is needed with civil disobedience of immoral gag orders. We must stop deceiving the electorate14.

An informed electorate might arrive at drastically different policy decisions than our systematically misinformed citizens.  For 60 years, it has been forbidden to say anything negative about minorities, to avoid stirring up prejudices15.  Misleading the voter by systematically withholding information subverts democracy. 16

Colin, I hope to get comments from you. You find me on


  1. The very specific gag orders of media codes are unopposed; thus lead down a slippery slope to expand and generalize.[Ever expanding media codes lead to hate speech laws, silence everyone about all racial issues]

    • Prejudice is correct, mostly:
      Research on Stereotype accuracy shows that prejudice is frequently correct, and that humans evolved to be good intuitive statisticians

  2. For suspects sought by the police or missing person cases using police or other credible, detailed descriptions. Such descriptions apply for all races. The racial reference should be removed when the individual is apprehended or found.” [Associated Press. The Associated Press Stylebook 2015 (p. 225). Basic Books. Kindle Edition.]
  3. Is black violence and denial still the greatest lie of our generation…

    2 days ago – As bad as the widespread denial, deceit and delusion is … are getting a lot of competition for the topic that is the “greatest lie of our generation.

    1. Media Speech Codes #2: Europe, Asia, Africa
    2. Media Speech Codes #1: USA, Canada, Germany

  4. Black US soldiers’ crimes, the reason for PresseKodex12.1

    Covering up crimes perpetrated by Black US servicemen stationed in Germany, in the 1970ies, to avoid prejudice, was the motive for PresseKodex12.1. …Read More »

  5. or in Hate speech laws, because The Truth is Racist, races are different
  6. Rotherham|4R

  7. Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal|Wikipedia

    … the “biggest child protection scandal in UK history”.[9] Evidence of the abuse was first noted in the early 1990s, when care home managers investigated reports that children in their care were being picked up by taxi drivers.[10] From at least 2001, multiple reports passed names of alleged perpetrators, several from one family, to the police and Rotherham Council. The first group conviction took place in 2010, when five British-Pakistani men were convicted of sexual offences against girls aged 12–16.[11] From January 2011 Andrew Norfolk of The Times pressed the issue, reporting in 2012 that the abuse in the town was widespread, and that the police and council had known about it for over ten years.[a]

  8. The Times articles, along with the 2012 trial of the Rochdale child sex abuse ring, prompted the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee to conduct hearings.[14] Following this and further articles from Norfolk, Rotherham Council commissioned an independent inquiry led by Professor Alexis Jay. In August 2014 the Jay report concluded that an estimated 1,400 children, most of them white girls,[15] had been sexually abused in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013 by predominantly British-Pakistani men (Kurdish and Kosovan men were also involved).[16][13]British Asian girls in Rotherham also suffered abuse, but a fear of shame and dishonour made them reluctant to report the abuse to authorities.[17] A “common thread” was that taxi drivers had been picking the children up for sex from care homes and schools.[b] The abuse included gang rape, forcing children to watch rape, dousing them with petrol and threatening to set them on fire, threatening to rape their mothers and younger sisters, and trafficking them to other towns.[20] There were pregnancies—one at age 12—terminations, miscarriages, babies raised by their mothers, and babies removed, causing further trauma.[21][22][23][24]

  9. The failure to address the abuse was attributed to a combination of factors revolving around race, class and gender—contemptuous and sexist attitudes toward the mostly working-class victims; fear that the perpetrators’ ethnicity would trigger allegations of racism and damage community relations; the Labour council’s reluctance to challenge a Labour-voting ethnic minority; lack of a child-centred focus; a desire to protect the town’s reputation; and lack of training and resources.[25][26][8]

  10. See Telford,/ Finland,/ Sweden,/ Colognes New Years sexual assaults
    • Racism” saves lives:
      Crime rates increase because highly efficient police strategies get outlawed (“Stop and frisk”, racial profiling)
    • Black Lives Matter to “Racists
      Anti-Racist policies increase the Black death toll because they are based on false PC quack science. Tried and proven police tactics like “stop and frisk” are outlawed as racist.

  11. Black Homicide rates Censored, deleted statistics:
    US government censors actually removed existing statistics pages from the web. We put them back.

  12. Unfortunately, it remains unnoticed that the government, and mainstream media’s journalists, admittedly, lie to citizens by force of media codes. They cannot be told the   #WholeTruth.., because it is forbidden to say anything negative about minorities, to avoid stirring up prejudices. For recognized journalists speaking the repressed truth, check or

  13. An uninformed public is a danger to democracy: Sadly, only about a third of social media users follows an actual news organization or recognized journalist. Thus, the information these people get is likely to be only what friends have posted.

1 thought on “Open Letter to Colin Flaherty: Denial, Deceit, and Delusion.”

  1. thanks for the letter. since you are using my quotes i guess i cannot disagree. I remind people: We speak plainly and openly with racism or rancor or apologies.

    And we document this enormous level of black violence and mayhem and denial.


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