Deception normalized, violence justified. The Racism exception to civilized and honest behavior #2

To avoid “racist” “prejudice”, all means necessary must be employed:

omissions, blatant lies, Antifa/BLM violence, deep-state treason, law breaking judicial Kritarchs.   “Racist” race realist ideas, and the election of Trump and similar right wing “racists” must be avoided at all cost.

The generally accepted anti-racist gag order1 leads to all these consequences.

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  • Avoidance of “racist” “prejudice” is the utmost goal.
    • As pointed out in the diverse anti-racist media gag orders ßß
  • Blatant lies,
    • written police and media gag orders usually only demand “omissions”. But over-eager fulfillment of anti-racist anti-prejudice mandates often lead to blatant lies as even more efficient. See James Watson ßß for example
  • Antifa and BLM violence,
    • once omission and lying is normalized for the noble goal of reaching the socialist anti-racist heaven on earth, violence is just a logical step
      • to silence evil people who tell #RacistFacts
      • to scare jurors and judges into convicting innocent cops for justified and necessary violence
  • the deep state,
    • US embassies denying visa to Ukrainian witnesses about Biden corruption is necessary to guarantee that “racist” Trump does not get reelected
  • judicial Kritarchs,
    • US courts make the laws the Left cannot pass in congress, and choose not to enforce or to void laws and plebiscites they do oppose
  • deceptive language ßß
  • are just logical Orwellian consequences to avoid knowledge
    • of race realism,
    • avoid election of “racist” “Nazi” parties.


Those who read all of can understand, for others this post needs to be be elaborated with links.




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