Falsifiability–required by science, abhorred by PC

Honest scientists must indicate tests that could prove their pet theory false. Unfalsifiable theories cannot be taken seriously. Except by post-modernist junk science1.

One of the tenets behind the scientific method is that any scientific hypothesis and resultant experimental design must be inherently falsifiable. Although falsifiability is not universally accepted, it is still the foundation of the majority of scientific experiments. Most scientists accept and work with this tenet, but it has its roots in philosophy and the deeper questions of truth and our access to it. [Source]

PC (political correctness) singlehandedly made all leftist absurdities unfalsifiable, because attempts to falsify the wisdom of quotas or immigration would be racist, Islamophobic, bigotted, sexist


According to Popper, many branches of applied science, especially social science, are not truly scientific because they have no potential for falsification.

Anthropology and sociology, for example, often use case studies to observe people in their natural environment without actually testing any specific hypotheses or theories.

While such studies and ideas are not falsifiable, most would agree that they are scientific because they significantly advance human knowledge. it. [Source]

Here is the lie to save PC. Experimental designs can be devised to test the ideas resulting from case studies or anecdotal evidence. Thus it is possible to falsify the hypothesis that the case studies’ results can be generalized2


For many sciences, the idea of falsifiability is a useful tool for generating theories that are testable and realistic. Testability is a crucial starting point around which to design solid experiments that have a chance of telling us something useful about the phenomena in question. If a falsifiable theory is tested and the results are significant, then it can become accepted as a scientific truth.

The advantage of Popper’s idea is that such truths can be falsified when more knowledge and resources are available. Even long accepted theories such as Gravity, Relativity and Evolution are increasingly challenged and adapted.

The major disadvantage of falsifiability is that it is very strict in its definitions and does not take into account the contributions of sciences that are observational and descriptive.` [Source]

Note also that many theories are unfalsifiable because of purposeful ornery that has been added to save the theory after it has been falsified

Leftist pet theories about “racism”get falsified, because it is clear that

    1. Racism does not cause black school failure nor crime 3

      1. Anti-black racism is virtually non-existent among whites,

      To save discredited leftist theories, esoteric ethereal fuzzy concepts like “structural racism”, and “implicit racism” are being proposed with explicit purpose of not being testable.



      Distinguishing between falsifiable and non-falsifiable claims

      A stupid PC obfuscating article as a negative example


      1. Postmodernism: Denial of Objective Reality and of Facts is Dishonest – Postmodernism denies facts and objective reality. The truth is based not on agreed upon facts and evidence, but is contingent on narrative and point of view. Shameless postmodernist lying utterly… …

        • One can ask a large group of people with the same life experience to confirm or disconfirm the case study observations
        • One can find independent corroboration for the case study data, like IQ and crime statistics, personality trait differences by race, etc.

    Prejudice is correct, mostly:

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