FULL DISCLOSURE: the new religion! #3 MEDIA GAG ORDERS are immoral sins!

Honesty as profound religious belief: the WHOLE TRUTH!

Religious outrage against PC cover-up

REPORTS ON CRIMES When reporting crimes, it is not permissible to refer
to the suspect‘s religious, ethnic or other minority membership […]
such references could stir up prejudices against minorities.
[GUIDELINE 12.1. by the German Press Council],
[obeyed USA, world wide, expanded and generalized]

  • I was shocked that the gag orders are socially acceptable:
  • PresseKodex12.1 is not just a German media gag order,
    it silences

    everywhere [22], in the Western world.
  • I am shocked that PresseKodex12.1 gag orders are being
    imposed on social media, under the guise of “
    hate speech.  The (initially) free internet was an escape, a haven of free information.
  • I am still shocked that no-one else is shocked. We must change this despicable, false morality. Lying must be rejected and shunned.

You may consider total honesty a just a symbolic “religion”. But my
conscience does not permit me to play the lying game, to cover for PC’s lies, to
lie to the entire population. I have a deep moral belief in the dignity of
humans, that they should be told the truth. I respect the “informed
citizen”, the pre-condition for democracy.

  1. COMPLETE TRUTHFULNESS is the moral high ground. Mandatory omissions are the hallmark of PC (Don’t mention “the rapists were Pakistani Muslims”). Media, police, teachers, politicians, scientists are ordered to lie to us. We condemn such lies as immoral and wrong!
  2. OUTRAGE! We must learn from the Left, to be OUTRAGED about every single omission, lie, discrimination, injustice. Stop tolerating Wholesale deception & Never-ending mandatory lies


Religious belief in truth and honesty

complete honesty / full disclosure / whole truth /complete truthfulness / total sincerity/ full report

Revealing of absolutely all relevant facts

It is my deeply held religious belief that deceiving people with allegedly “noble lies” is deeply disrespectful and inhuman. It is my deeply held religious belief that the “religion of uncompromising honesty” can save the world from damaging political correctness. Leftist dishonesty and “noble lies” have caused terrible damages. … I want to help the world not to be destroyed like Zimbabwe, or continue on the path of destruction like Detroit, Baltimore, Malmö, South Africa.  Even when persecuted, made martyr, we purveyors of complete truthfulness must endure and tell the truth.

Scientific Honesty and the scientific method gave us modern medicine,
agriculture, cars, airplanes and computers. It is a sin, it is hurtful to see
that our race relations, our school system, our social
policies, are controlled and destroyed by anti-science dogmatist. It is unacceptable.

I have FAITH, that HONESTY is the NECESSARY (not sufficient) condition to
save the world and reduce suffering. I see it my religious duty to help
preserve civilization and prosperity. Only the WHOLE TRUTH can undo the
damages perpetrated by decades of Leftist brainwashing and cover-up. But we must
convert masses to our religion of whole-truth, away from the religion of lies,
PC, and discredited dogma.

We whole-truth people must be ready to become martyrs. No wavering, no
corruption, no lies, no omissions. Our whole-truth religion is, well, the TRUTH.

  • … I wish for honesty to have the protection of asylum laws, just as James Watson, maybe Assange ………


Cancel the religion of Politically Correct omissions, gag orders and thought control;
replace it with the religion of Honesty, religion of FULL DISCLOSURE, the #WholeTruth


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Radical honesty- with merciless intolerance for deception- is an important concept! Why?

1) we cannot have a functioning society based on lies and brainwashing.

High Trust is the foundation of Western societies.

People are blissfully unaware of the profound cumulative impact of half a
century of media lies

We cannot have medicine that denies the germ theory of disease[12],
we cannot build earth navigation on flat-earth-theory[15], and we cannot
build social sciences and social policies on cover-.up of crime reports and
denial of individual and group differences.

Mandatory honesty, full disclosure of all pertinent information
must become the fundamental rule for Western societies.
Full disclosure as a religion.

Our new religion of total honesty, the whole truth, of full disclosure must
replace the existing PC religion

The existing PC religion consists of mandatory cover-up about
any flaws of “minorities”, of egalitarianism within and between ethnicities

With religious zeal and intolerance we must point out and shun those who
engage in lies
,.omission, and
deception. Those who fail to disclose the full truth can
not be fully respected members of our high trust Western public discourse.
Scientific facts must be accepted, research, theories, hypotheses must not be

Zero tolerance for misleading information (no to strategic omissions) must be
the basis for journalism, political discourse, and voting decisions.

Parsimonious, Science, Democratic, humane, favors economy, saves black