Mug Shots Foster Racial Bias And Will No Longer Be Released, San Francisco Police Chief Says

Implicit bias is caused by #RacistFacts about “minority” crime. #FactsAreRacist, #RacistFacts must be hidden from the voting citizen1 to avoid “prejudice”.
At last, police obey the 50 year old #PCGagOrder, as reported by


Mug Shots Foster Racial Bias And Will No Longer Be Released, San Francisco Police Chief Says

Citing racial bias, the San Francisco Police Department halted its practice of releasing booking photos Wednesday in what the department is calling a “groundbreaking” new policy.

Chief of Police William Scott made the announcement in a department notice Wednesday morning, the department announced in a press release. The department will continue releasing mug shots in situations where the public is in imminent danger or when the police need the public’s help in locating an individual.

This is not new. The AP Stylebook even requires Media to remove true facts about ethnicity of a criminal2, as soon as the suspect gets apprehended.3* 5

Media gag orders do NOT color-blindly repress ALL race information.  In reality, the honestly anti-white gag order of the German PresseKodex12.1applies everywhere.

PresseKodex #12.1, blatantly mandating restrictions to true speech based on color of skin (“minority” membership, in violation of  non-discrimination mandate section #12)

  • it is not permissible to refer to the suspect‘s religious, ethnic or other minority membership
  • REPORTS ON CRIMES When reporting crimes, it is not permissible to refer to the suspect‘s religious, ethnic or other minority membership unless this information can be justified as being relevant to the readers‘ understanding of the incident. In particular, it must be borne in mind that such references could stir up prejudices against minorities. [GUIDELINE 12.1. by the German Press Council German Press Code: Guidelines for journalistic work as recommended by the German Press Council;
  • See also Media Speech Codes #2: Europe, Asia, Africa // Media Speech Codes #1: USA, Canada, Germany
  • [GUIDELINE 12.1. by the German Press Council German Press Code]

Information about “minority” perps gets scrubbed.  But the race of white perpetrators with “minority” victims is strongly emphasized. Stirring prejudice against Whites  by mentioning race of white suspects is all right.

In a recent attack on the Alt Right, libertarian writer Cathy Young [Email her] took specific aim at my work on what we tag here at “Not Reporting Race”—the Main Stream Media custom of not reporting that a black, minority, or immigrant individual committed a crime, while always reporting when a black, minority, etc. is a victim of a crime


“This policy emerges from compelling research suggesting that the widespread publication of police booking photos in the news and on social media creates an illusory correlation for viewers that fosters racial bias and vastly overstates the propensity of black and brown men to engage in criminal behavior,” Scott said.

Do people right now have an illusory correlation for white police to hunt innocent Blacks? Do people not have the false  illusory correlation that LESS than 3/4 of mass shooters are Black, as NYT concedes.

Where is the research data that humans are so flawed and such such bad statisticians. What a cynical contempt for humanity!

#RacistFacts cause “prejudice”and thus the immature citizen must be protected from the truth.

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3 Aug 2019 To #whitepixel or #pinkpixel a criminal’s dark skin in a photo or video, it first is bleached pink white, then pixelated. Thus no prejudice arises, because all …

Scott added: “SFPD is taking a stand that walks the walk on implicit bias while affirming a core principle of procedural justice — that those booked on suspicion of a crime are nonetheless presumed innocent of it.”

Presumption of innocence is not for Whites, like here

or rather obedience of the #PCGagOrder7

The new policy was formulated with the assistance of community groups, news organizations and San Francisco officials, according to the department.[…]

New York and Georgia already have laws preventing the release of mug shots, according to the Associated Press. However, these laws are intended to prevent people from posting the photos on websites and then charging to have them taken down. [Continue at Mug Shots Foster Racial Bias And Will No Longer Be Released, San Francisco Police Chief Says]


  1. Votes rigged brazenly, by omitting facts that can be EXPLOITED by the

    23 Sep 2017 … informed voter. Elections are, unashamedly, rigged against the “Right”. … Rig the vote: Manipulate voter by feeding incomplete, censored, biased information.

  2. NYT and AP Stylebook Dishonest! “White Kills Black” is Fit to Print:
  3. For suspects sought by the police or missing person cases using police or other credible, detailed descriptions. Such descriptions apply for all races. The racial reference should be removed when the individual is apprehended or found.” [Associated Press. The Associated Press Stylebook 2015 (p. 225). Basic Books. Kindle Edition.]
  4. The pretense of color blindness in AP Style book, NYT media code and other countries’ media codes is blatantly dishonest and false.

    1. Media Speech Codes #2: Europe, Asia, Africa
    2. Media Speech Codes #1: USA, Canada, Germany
    3. The Racism Exception to Civilized and Honest Behavior #1: Media
    4 *
  5. *
  6. #PCGagOrder: Everyone must conceal any negative “minority

    #PCGagOrder: Everyone must conceal any negative “ minority ” performances, to avoid stirring up prejudices. *hate speech laws and Facebook and twitter …

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