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It is not permissible for journalists to tell the whole truth.

because the WHOLE TRUTH “stirs up prejudices against minorities”

The AP Stylebook even requires Media to remove true facts about ethnicity of a criminal, as soon as the suspect gets apprehended.1

Media code gag orders are not subject to opposition, accepted by wide consensus, thusly lead down a slippery slope to expand and generalize, lead to hate speech laws

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REPORTS ON CRIMES When reporting crimes, it is not permissible to refer to the suspect‘s religious, ethnic or other minority membership unless this information can be justified as being relevant to the readers‘ understanding of the incident. In particular, it must be borne in mind that such references could stir up prejudices against minorities. [GUIDELINE 12.1. by the German Press Council 2]

The pernicious effects of such media codes is that

  1. Media code gag orders are not subject to opposition. Rather they set an example of  dishonesty being socially acceptable, respectable, even socially required. This opens the road to boundless manipulation and dishonesty in the style of Saul Alinsky and followers. (Dishonest attitude is cool, right, virtuous).

  2. media code dishonesty expands over populations and issues, leads to hate speech laws.
    • Populations – from German and US journalists to all people in the world
      Media codes are gag orders only for journalists, but are obeyed by all. School children must not mention when they get bullied by “minorities”3, beaten by blacks, abused and raped by Pakistani Muslims.  Police is hesitant to register such “racist” crime reports, and to inform the public about race, ethnicity, religion of perpetrators. Teachers must not talk about “minority” troublemakers and criminals. Social scientists must engage in contortions to not find anything remotely looking like race differences or gender differences.
    • Issue: Statistics
    • Issue: IQ differences: Low IQ is not a crime as mentioned in the media codes. 4
    • Issue Sports, sprints 5  and high income athlete crime 6
  3. media laws keep the entire population in a status of false consciousness.  Important information is systematically withheld

More Restriction of TRUE SPEECH.

  1. The Press will refrain from inappropriately sensational portrayal of violence, brutality and suffering  [German PresseKodex #11];
  2. preservation of human dignity”  [German PresseKodex #1];
  3. “the Press must exercise especial restraint reporting crimes committed by young persons” [German PresseKodex #13.3];

The seemingly innocuous media code rules #1 to 3 appear neutral, on the surface. These regulations mandate to withhold true information and thus the press code restricts true speech.

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